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But does this constitute an active and genuine choice? Does it indicate that the user is willing to have her personal data harvested across the digital and physical worlds, on- and off-platform, and have that data used to create a behavioral profile for digital marketing purposes?

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Almost certifiably not. Atop all of these measures is the additional requirement that service providers like Facebook and Google make the data they hold on individuals portable. This will immediately further dis-incentivize personal data collection and implicate ad-targeting based on behavioral data; if a firm makes this data available for an individual who can then bring it to a competing service, then — barring the construction of some loophole around this measure — the incentive to collect the data in the first place weakens.

How will digital marketers from Dior to the NBA to political campaigns channel the right marketing messages to the right eyeballs at the right times? While contextual ad placement might appear difficult to execute, many advertisers already use it and we can expect the digital sector to move quickly to further support it. Leading weather forecasting firm AccuWeather , for example, makes expansive use of contextual advertising through various programs in partnership with internet platform companies among others.

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And though some internet companies currently lack contextual targeting options, many, like Quora , already make such options available to advertisers. Explore the year a word first appeared.

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The power that resided in the coming together of people of all sexualities and genders is what should be remembered and continued. One thing that is noticeable for everyone is how difficult the referendum recovery has been.

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Instead of accurately reflecting the feminist people power behind it, the media held up a distorted funhouse mirror. In the aftermath of the referendum they stuck to replaying campaign arguments after a landslide result. Print media, which had largely missed a movement and concentrated instead on political personalities, continued down that track.

The irony is that the spats, personalties and gossip of party politics are in fact the trivialities. The grassroots movements are the bigger picture, and will continue to dominate Irish society, social change and political activism, as they have done in recent years. Instead they view protest and organising as disparate, even though they are so obviously cross-pollinating. Why else has it been hard to recover?

What has always been the white noise of reporting of sexual and physical violence against women day in, day out, became unavoidable tinnitus. This epidemic is a matrix which has become intolerable and which we must break out of. But how? All of these things are connected — controlling women, disbelieving women, demeaning women, punishing women, hurting women, killing women. Repeal was not a salve, even though we were so invested in it being one.

Judith Orloff M.D.

These post-referendum fears can bog us down. But like the media itself, we too need to see the bigger picture. Wounds close. Scars heal.

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Bruises fade. But the indelible mark on Irish society will not disappear. That lost. Every single person who was involved in any way to affect that change owns the legacy of this movement, and together we own it equally. A series of electoral pacts has at least raised the prospect of significant change on both sides of the sectarian divide. The attitude of Government towards the broadcaster is depressingly narrow, self-serving and bordering on vindictive.

Una Mullally: Repeal vote showed grassroots power can transform Ireland Media blinds spots remain but grassroots will continue to dominate social change Mon, Dec 31, ,